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DX Technology

DR Smart. VR Simple. CRT Capable

DX Technology is a unique hybrid system combining the advantages of both single- and dual-chamber ICD systems. It offers AF detection, 3-channel IEGMs, SVT discrimination, and A-V sequential pacing like a dual-chamber system, while making procedures less complex and allowing for lower implant complication rates.
Atrial signals can be reliably sensed by the floating dipole rings located in the proximal part of the DX lead, thanks to a special atrial input stage of the DX device.

Atrial sensing allows the SMART Detection algorithm to discriminate supraventricular tachycardias (SVTs) from ventricular tachycardias (VTs) by analyzing atrial and ventricular rhythms, an exclusive feature previously available only in dual-chamber ICDs.

Better and earlier AT/AF detection leads to improved patient care.4 Like this, BIOTRONIK DX systems provide unique protection to ICD patients who do not require atrial pacing.
For this patient group, DX Technology also extends these advantages to cardiac resynchronization therapy, as CRT-DX provides equivalent therapy with less hardware.

DX Technology is Superior to Single-Chamber and Comparable with Dual-Chamber in Detecting Atrial High-Rate Episodes (AHRE) …

The SENSE study showed that the AHRE detection rate6 was significantly higher in the DX cohort compared to the single-chamber cohort (p=0.026).7 While AHRE detection was not significantly different from the dual-chamber cohort (p=1.00),8 multivariate regression showed that the use of DX was associated with AHRE detection.9

SENSE study


Time to first AHRE detection



The Incidence of AT/AF Diagnosis is Significantly Higher with DX
Technology Compared to Single-Chamber ICDs ...

Results from the THINGS registry also show that DX systems are associated with an almost 4-fold likelihood of detecting AT/AF compared to conventional devices.13


THINGS study, New-Onset AT+AF Diagnosis, Diagram,


DX Technology - 2year incidence

…Leading to a Trend of Increased Onset of Oral Anticoagulation.14


THINGS study, Oral Anticoagulation Onset

CRT-DX Extends the Advantages of DX Technology also to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy, Allowing for a Significantly Lower Rate of Major Complications…

The QP ExCELs registry has shown that with CRT-DX, there were significantly fewer patients who experienced major complications.15


QP ExCELs study, Freedom from primary endpoint major complications

…While Achieving Similar CRT Responses in LV Pacing and Clinical Outcome Parameters.

There were no significant differences in median LV pacing between groups.16


QP ExCELs study, Median LV pacing during CRT, CRT-DX group

Clinical outcomes in the two groups were similar.17

QO ExCel

All values represent percentage of patients.

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